Oct 29, 2009

Halloween & Birthday Fun

Erik's dad and grandpa both have birthdays close to Halloween, so last Sunday we had a Halloween/Birthday bash. Here is a picture of the birthday boy, Frank, with Erik's brother, Chad.

Costumes were optional and we were going to be party poopers, until we both happened to put on stripped shirts... so jailbirds we were!

Erik's mom loves Halloween and went all out for the event. Everyone was given a food assignment and it had to be Halloween themed.

Here is our attempt at a Halloween dish - they are supposed to be mummies.

Not sure what Stein and Ashleigh were, but they were looking very festive.

The other birthday boy, Grandad, with Grammy. Aren't they adorable?

It was a great night and got us all in the Halloween spirit. Thanks Barb and Happy Birthday Frank and Grandad!


Amber said...

Let me be the first to congratulate you on the birth of "the blog" I'm so happy for you and your new addition! Can't wait to get together soon.

Caitlyn said...

I am surprised and excited. You've made my night with your big announcement. Happy Halloween! Stop by for doughnuts if you have time on Saturday.

Emily said...

Horray! Lets be honest...I am very surprised and couldn't be happier. Way to go Sar!

Shannon and Kevin said...

Cute! What a fun family event! I'm glad to see you're bonding with the in-laws. Love ya sar!

Justin and Shannon Sotelo said...

Yeah! I am so happy you started a blog! Cute pictures!

Natalie said...

Yay yay yay! And, might i add, those are some tasty looking wieners!

Michael said...

Great Blog Sara. I'll check in often. Thanks for your comments on my blog too.

Aaron and Cassie said...

Yahoo for blogs!
Hey our blog is private now so if you send me your email I'll add yo to our list!

J and Rachel Kirkham said...

Guess who gave me your blog address?? The one and only Shannon Taylor and boy am I glad that I can blog stalk you now!!! Our blog is private so email me if you too want to stalk :)

P.S. I love you and your cute husband and your fun blog! Miss you! xoxo