Jan 18, 2010

TRADITION, tradition

I think I officially became an Ingebrigtsen last night. Erik and his siblings have been requesting a TRUE Norwegian dinner that their grandma used to make. I'm so sad that both of his grandparents passed away before I could meet them, but they left a lot of Norwegian tradition and pride behind with their posterity. One of those traditions was the meal we shared last night with a VERY specific menu, which consisted of:
Cauliflower Soup
Kjottkaker (meat cakes)
Boiled Potatoes (with gravey or melted butter)
Peas (affectionately called "bullets" by Frank's family)
Mac and Cheese (this was an addition for their grandchildren, once they came to America)
Norwegian waffles for dessert

I must say it was delicious! And it was so fun to learn more about their Norwegian traditions and Frank's family. I love my new last name and the flavor it's added to my life :)
We also all dressed the part. Erik's grandma made all of these sweaters, which I think is amazing!

I loved hearing more about Frank's family and the country of Norway. I hope I can see it myself one day, I've heard it's one of the most beautiful places on earth.

So, here's to TRADITION! Thank you Barb and Frank for the cultural experience and delicious food.


Amber said...

Looks like fun. That's pretty cool that his family keeps strong to their heritage!

Lori said...

That is cool to have that rich history in your life now. That sounds like a huge meal. They know how to do it right.

Emily said...

Gotta love it! And love the new blog...I will call you so we can get together! Maybe I should just give you my password and you can spice mine up a little....

Bonnie said...

Sara! It's Bonnie (Hamill) Lythgoe. I just found your blog, and I needed to tell you that I miss you! You look very happy and I love your new last name. It makes mine seem less weird, possibly. Are you still in UT? What is your email address? I have one for you that may be old, but I'll ask for your current one because I want to stay friends with you.

Dayna said...

yeah!!!!!!! i'm so glad you guys have a blog so i can see what you are up to now. you and erik are such a sexy couple!! i still think about how much fun i had at your wedding. the gelato was a hit. i keep telling my sister in law (who is engaged) that she has to do it too.