Feb 16, 2010

Who said I don't do winter sports?

After a long day at work on Saturday (busiest day of the year for massages) Erik and I spent a very relaxing weekend at his cabin in Woodland. The highlight of the trip was a little cross country skiing excursion. Although it involved snow and skis, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. It was a beautiful day and the scenery was incredible. My in-laws were all very relieved that I returned home in good spirits, seeing as they are avid winter sports enthusiasts. 

Yes, my jeans are stuck to this barbed wire fence. I'll leave the details up to your imagination.
Overall, a great day!


Alex said...

So, does that mean I didn't ruin you towards skiing forever? Erik must hate me for that. Even after all these years, the guilt stings.

Emily said...

Halarious! Way to go Sar...looks fun:)

Michael said...

Cross country skiing is fun. Great exercise too. Glad you got the chance to try it out. Definately better than hurling down the side of a mountain at break neck speeds with snow pelting you in the face. Erik is wearing the largest glasses I have ever seen.