Mar 8, 2010

More Winter Sports

I guess I did well enough cross country skiing that I graduated to the real thing :) Actually, Erik's brother and his wife were nice enough to let us use their passes to Solitude while they spent the weekend in St. George. I did survive and I did have fun - the two goals of the day. Erik is a great teacher and I think he was impressed with his wife's athletic ability... or so I like to think.
Proof that I didn't spend the entire day on the bunny slopes. Erik didn't take me straight to the double black diamonds like my dear friends did back in high school, but I do think I graduated to intermediate level.
Too bad I can't get the video to work, so I can impress all of my skier friends. I'm just glad it was a good experience and now I can say that I have shared my husband's greatest passion with him. 


Caitlyn said...

Nice work Sara. Do you want to do something next Wednesday?

Emily said...

Way to go...not surprised that it came easy though. Way to be a sport!

Jen and Mark said...

Sara! You were already doing black diamonds before this day. I am sure you were awesome!

Amber said...

I'm so impressed! I still hate skiing! I've tried to learn but have never found the love. We need to get together soon!

Aaron and Cassie said...

aw fun!!! snow sports shared together are the BEST!
and everyone wants to hang out with you...and i do too! ;)