May 25, 2010

Past Due

I'm way late on posting this and I think it's because I still can't come to grips with it. My dear, dear friend Natalie has moved to Texas...tear. It's just so weird to think she's so far away because she's ALWAYS been right there when I've needed her. We were seriously attached at the hip from when were little girls all the way until marriage.  There's not a better friend in the world than Natalie. On multiple occasions she has proven to me that she knows me better than I know myself. So be good to her Texas. She's one in a million!

Here are some pictures from an adios party we had for them. 
And, I just have to post some pictures of these cute kiddos. My friends have such adorable children!
XOXO Nat! I love and miss you so much!!! 


Alex said...

Saddest post ever! I feel like Nat is gone and I'm not even there. I just like her in Utah right where I need her. Love the pics. Can I steal? :)

Natalie said...

just when i start feeling like i might be okay with this whole texas business and i decide to click on your is so nice to feel loved though, thank you. and, thank you again for hosting such a wild and crazy group. those pictures of the kids you got are priceless. i miss you sara friend- and i'll keep texting you my crazy dreams just for your entertainment, ok? (i fly in the 10th and i'll plan to see you asap- pencil me in:)

Caitlyn said...

Yep, I just cried. We miss you Natalie and can't wait to see you soon. Texas is lucky to have you.