Jul 2, 2010


For our anniversary, Erik and I spent a wonderful night in Midway. It is so peaceful up there. On the way up we stopped and did the Alpine Slide and the Coaster. Very fun - especially the Coaster which is surprisingly awesome. We also went for a little bike ride once we got to Midway. The weather was perfect. 
We also spent last weekend in Jackson Hole - another one of my favorite places. My brother Jeffrey and his fiance Eliza decided they wanted to go on a river trip one night and luckily Erik's brother Stein is an expert river guide and has his own raft! So, we didn't waste any time planning this little getaway. It's always fun to spend a weekend with some of your favorite people.
Here is the whole group, just before getting on the river. We love having our own personal river guide in the family! It was a blast. The only bummer was that their boat got a hole in it and so we were only able to go down once. 
We also spent a day at Jenny Lake and rented kayaks. The lady told us that if we had never been on a kayak before, they wouldn't let us go out because the water was so cold. Super extreme sports haha! Doesn't it look dangerous :)
Finally, we went for a little hike. Jeffrey and Eliza were brave and got in one of the lakes to cool off. It was too cold for me though. I wish I had a picture of them. 
I'm wearing Erik's "Shaka" hat, which means hang loose, thus my choice of pose in this picture. Erik probably thinks I'm a nerd for explaining that, but I didn't know what shaka meant.

So, thank you Stein, Ashleigh, Chad, Jeff and Eliza for such a fun trip. I'll always remember our special time together at the camp ground, our awful waiter at Bubba's and our wild trip down the river!


Emily said...

Cute pictures! Looks like a you all had a great time:)

Elizabeth Metcalf said...

Sara, I'm impressed you found our blog! And you guys should absolutely come visit soon...we just bought a guest bed yesterday...if you come, you'll have a place to sleep!

Lori said...

Looks like a lot of fun. I love that coaster. Seriously the best.