Oct 18, 2010

The Dirty Dash

A few weeks ago my husband participated in the Dirty Dash 10k race with some friends. I wasn't sure what to think of this event, but as you'll see in the pictures it definitely lives up to its name.
This is the before shot of Erik's team - mustaches were part of the uniform, according to Erik.
 I was there to cheer him on and even got an honorary team shirt, but I was more than happy to stay nice and clean on the sidelines while taking pictures.
 The Dirty Dash mascot - enough said. 
 Here he comes - now it's all making sense, right? The course is full of obstacles and mud pits. Fun, huh? Like I said, I was very happy to stay nice and clean with the spectators.
 This is the last huge mud pit after the finish line. 
The after picture:
It was quite the event. I couldn't believe how many people participated. I must say I am super proud of Erik for running a 10k. He did great! 


Linds said...

This is awesome, but one question...do they have showers there to clean off? No way are they getting in the car like this!

Michael said...

Erik looks really scary with the mud on his face in that one photo of him and his friend in the mud pit.