Nov 13, 2010

Murder Mystery

One of Erik's friends always throws a murder mystery party for Halloween. This year we were supposed to dress from the 40's and for Erik that = straightened hair.  Not sure why, but it was a fun experiment. It took about 30 min. to tame his curls and I'm proud to present the finished product:
***Disclaimer: the cigarette was all part of his character. Don't want anyone thinking the Ingebrigtsens are experimenting with new lifestyles.
Now, the real question - have we found Erik's celebrity look-alike?
Unfortunately, no luck on my side of things. Dream on, right!
Stay tuned to "E" for this season's new hit, "Keeping Up with the Ingebrigtsens" :)

Anyway - back to the murder mystery. I'm always hesitant about these parties because of the fact that they can really put you outside of your comfort zone, but it turned out to be a lot of fun. It was all based around the murder of a movie producer, so we all had to find a team with a producer, director and actors and then at the end we had to act out a scene from our movie. I'm very proud to say that I was on the winning team.
Here is a shot of the whole group:
And some couple shots - sorry some of them are blurry.
Some very impressive costumes - Erik and I weren't nearly as creative as most.

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Natalie said...

and I see my hand... glad I could make the blog:) AND you are way hotter than kourtney!