Aug 18, 2011

Jackson Hole

Well I survived camping at 7 months pregnant. You might say I'm a really good sport for attempting that, but I have to admit that I did my fair share of murmuring. All in all we did have fun and Erik did create a pretty sweet sleeping setup for us in our car. The Element really earned it's keep while we were there. I mean it's no Mini Cooper, but it's finding a place in my heart :)
I'm pretty sure I'll never be willing to sleep in a tent again.

So, the advantage of bringing preggers along is that you always have a photographer! Here they are at the rapid known as Lunch Counter. Pretty intense. You'll be surprised to know that Ashleigh (in the back of the boat) actually stayed in the boat. I think she was completely submerged!
And here are all the happy campers at the end of their ride. They said the water was really cold, so that made me feel a lot better about sitting on the sidelines.
On Saturday we rented a boat and rode around Jackson Lake. We also stopped and had delicious pizza for lunch. It was beautiful and pregnant-friendly. Just try to ignore the fact that I was swelling up like a balloon at this point. The hot weather really did a number on me, but you'll be happy to know that the swelling has since gone down (like anyone cares but me). I strategically cropped my ankles & feet out of all pictures. Not a pretty sight. The scenery on the other hand was gorgeous!
 Chad was really getting the full experience
On the way back we stopped at Jenny Lake, which was equally beautiful. I also soaked my balloon feet in the freezing cold water and it felt amazing. Sorry for all the prego references, I guess it basically consumes my life right now.
And I'm super excited to say that we actually saw some wildlife! I feel like I'm totally jinxed in this department because I never see wildlife, but we were on a roll this year.
You can't see him very well, but that brown thing in the trees is a bear.
And then a few minutes later we saw a moose with her calf. It was awesome - nature at it's best!
So, that was our trip. And once again I have camping checked off of my list for another year. Yipee!


eliza jane said...

i CANNOT believe you saw a bear! OHMYHECK! i would have cried!

Meg and Sammy said...

You deserve a medal for camping!

Emily said...

Beautiful pictures! You are a trooper and a much better spot that I think I would have been!! Way to do it.

Michael said...

Sara, great photos. You are a great photographer. I am jealous that you saw so many animals. I love Jenny Lake -- one of the prettiest places in the world in my opinion. Thanks for sharing. Love, Michael

Linds said...

These pictures are beautiful! You're so nice to go along with this. I thought I was nice staying for a double header (back to back baseball games) when I was 7 months pregnant with Lana!