Oct 17, 2011

Getting Out

We have been loving the good weather so we can get out of the house a bit and get some fresh air. Lucy's doctor recommended lots of walks while it's still warm and we have loved filling these doctor's orders.
Lucy's first trip to Sugar House park. 
We really wanted to see the leaves before they are gone, so on Saturday we drove up to Brighton and walked around Silver Lake. It was lovely.
And here are some more Lucy pictures, just because they are cute. 
Lucy loves it when daddy plays with her hair.
And this is the result of daddy's hair styling. Ok, enough pictures mom!
She also loves to hold daddy's hands.
BIG yawn! It is hard work to try and stay awake :)
There we go, back to sleep.
Meeting Great-Grammy.
It's true what they say, becoming a parent is the hardest but the best thing you'll ever do. We are slowly but surely getting things figured out and we sure love this little peanut! 

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Michael said...

What a beautiful baby. Beautiful photos too. I miss fall. And feeling cool. And mostly you guys.