Nov 30, 2009


This year Thanksgiving was extra special for the Monson family because we were able to celebrate at my parent's new home in Midway. We have loved spending time up there. It's the perfect getaway that's not too far away. The food was wonderful and it was fun to catch up with relatives from my mom's side who joined us. My mom did a fabulous job decorating and because I was randomly feeling crafty, I helped with the place cards. 

We had our dinner early in the afternoon, so everyone could head to their in-laws after. Gotta love multiple Thanksgiving dinners!

Jeffrey and Eliza Jane

Ryan, Emily and Baby Kate

Michael with some of his cute kiddos

Matthew, getting kisses from Mom

After dinner we were off to Thanksgiving #2 with the Ingebrigtsens, at Grammy and Grandad's house. Lots of running around, but we are so blessed to both come from wonderful families and we loved every minute of it!

Barb, looking festive as usual with her Turkey apron.

Stein and Ashleigh contributed gummy worms to the meal - a little untraditional, but enjoyed by everyone.

So, Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This year I am especially grateful for my sweet husband Erik. Life is so much better with him. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday as well.


Natalie said...

oh sara, you're such a good blogger- you inspire me:) looks like you had a successful holiday and i can not wait to pay a visit to midway again soon!! AND we need to play sooner than that...

Caitlyn said...

Cute! You have turned out to be quite the blogger,missy. I know I've told you this, but I love your hair it suits you well.

Emily said...

You have some great pictures to. I somehow didn't get any of Mom and Dad or Michaels fam. Lame!