Feb 23, 2011

Michael's Winter Adventure

A couple of months ago my brother Michael announced that he would be planning an awesome winter adventure for anyone who dared participate. My first reaction wasn't super positive, but my husband was psyched, so we were in. The date was set for President's Day and the plans began. Michael settled on a snow shoeing adventure which was a first for Erik and I. Luckily my sister-in-law's parents have a basement which is apparently like their very own REI (so I hear, I haven't had the privilege of seeing it first hand) so we had plenty of snow shoes to go around.
When the day finally came it was down to our fearless leader, Jeff, Eliza, Erik and I. I think the 6:45 am start time may have deterred some of the others :) So, we were off on a beautiful hike up Millcreek canyon. 
Spirits were very high at this point - the camera was out, we were enjoying the scenery, no big deal.
Unfortunately somewhere along the way when I started to realize that this hike had become much longer and harder than I expected I began to murmur (don't you just hate that word, yet it's such a good description of what I was doing). I hate being a negative nelly but I just don't know that I'm cut out for winter hiking .... luckily though when we finally reached the top it was all worth it. AHHHHH, the heavens opened and I was happy again. It was a winter adventure miracle!
Best winter adventure leader ever! Thanks for an awesome morning Mike. Maybe one day I'll grow to love climbing mountains as much as you :)
We also returned to an amazing breakfast cooked by Vera. It was just what we needed . . . and then a nice nap. 



Michael said...

Great photos, Sara. Thanks for coming. I had a great time. Sorry there wasn't full disclosure on distance. You're the best. Michael

Alex said...

um hello brown hair on Sara! So cute. I love it! Good pictures as always. Looks like a fun (sorta) winter hike! :)

Natalie said...

You have definitely outdone yourself with your adventurous side Miss Sara, im-pressed! And, your hair is dark... the things I miss!! Good postin' sista!