Jan 29, 2011


My sister-in-law started a tradition in our family of monthly temple night. I love it because it helps us all keep up on our regular temple attendance. A couple of weeks ago when we pulled up to the Bountiful Temple, we were greeted by this sunset.
An inspiring way to enter the temple!
And here are the happy campers at dinner after.


Posh Petals said...

Beautiful, I love the sunsets up here. Love the Bountiful Temple too! We should do a temple night?

Emily said...

Love the updates. GREAT pictures...are you loving that camera? Sad we missed that night. See you tomorrow!

Natalie said...

I've been meaning to ask- what kind of camera did you get? And, can you teach me? I've had my "nice" camera over 2 years now and still don't know a darn thing. I love you and I also miss seeing sweet Vera and Gerry- they are as cute as ever.

Alex said...

Love the marlboro man picture. That was awesome. And that sunset/temple shot was amazing.