May 23, 2011

Mother's Day

I had the most fabulous Mother's Day this year for the following reasons:
1 - I have such a wonderful mother and grandmother and I was able to celebrate with both of them
2 - I was spoiled by my cute husband
3 - Best of all, I now hold the wonderful title of MOTHER
Four generations (counting baby Ingy)
My sweet mom and Grandma Shumway. They are both such incredible examples to me and have such a wonderful mother/daughter relationship. I feel so luck to also have an amazing relationship with my mother. It makes me excited to create this special bond with my own daughter :)
These pictures were taken at afternoon tea that was held to celebrate Mother's Day where my grandma lives. We had raspberry tea, cucumber sandwiches, chocolate covered strawberries and cheese & crackers. I felt like just like Fancy Nancy!
Earlier in the week Erik told me to keep Saturday night open because we had a date. I just love surprises and he had a bunch in store for me - what a sweetheart. The first surprise being these beauties:
Then he took me to dinner at Ruth's Diner. This is one of our favorite spots and the weather was perfect to sit out on their patio. It was just delightful.
After dinner he surprised me with a cute headband and some new sunglasses. I couldn't believe it. He really went above and beyond. We finished up the night with a movie. It was perfect. The pressure is on for Father's Day! 
Thank you Erik, for making me feel so special on my first Mother's Day!!! I love you!

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