May 15, 2011


April was the month of weekend getaways and it was AWESOME! I finally made it down to Houston for the weekend to visit my dear friend Natalie and her cute family. They were such great hosts and it was so fun to see their beautiful home and have my first Texas experience. 
One night they were nice enough to get a babysitter so Natalie, Jackson and I could go downtown for some dinner and shopping. It's so fun to stay in someone's home when you're friends with their husband too. We had a blast and Jackson was kind enough to be our photographer.
Hello HOT MOMMY! I hope I'm this hot when I become a mother in a few months. Nat is so stylish and as you can see, has such a cute family. These two cute girls were both sick while I was there but were still troopers and took me around to all the great sites. I miss them so much!
I thought this duck had some awesome hair on top of his head. Hope it isn't the result of some awful accident. Either way - he was the coolest duck at the pond by far.
On Saturday Natalie and I decided to check out the butterfly conservatory at the Museum of Natural History. It was awesome and there was also an orchid display going on. I know I totally sound like a nerd, but I was in heaven. So this might bore you, but I'm kind of in love with flowers and these were BEAUTIFUL. The butterflies were amazing too, except that when we walked in, we were hit by a wave of hot, sticky humidity. As I was dramatically telling Natalie that I couldn't breath she said she was happy I could experience what true Texas weather feels like (they had abnormally comfortable weather while I was there). So, I now have complete appreciation for what they deal with during the hot summer months. I don't know how they do it! 
This place was awesome. I felt like I was on the movie Bio-Dome. If you haven't seen it, you're missing out (if you are a Pauly Shore fan that is).
The temperature was much more comfortable at the bottom of the conservatory. 
 And seriously folks, how were we supposed to walk by this perfect photo opportunity and not take advantage? It was just like we were 12 years old again :)
THANK YOU Natalie and fam for such a fun weekend! I loved every minute and can't wait to see you again soon. Although I loved Texas, it is still too far. I need Natalie time much more often. I wish I could make a monthly visit at least :) You just don't find friends like Natalie every day!


Natalie said...

Oh Sara, you're not supposed to make me cry looking at your blog! You say the sweetest things, and it means SO much! We loved, loved having you here- you were so easy going and gracious. My girls miss their auntie Sara and I miss my dear friend! (1 hr. 15 min. until your dr. appt.- I'm going nuts!)

Posh Petals said...

I'm so sad looking at all the fun you had! I must go soon! Love you, love Nat!

Lori said...

That is awesome you could go visit your best friend. Beautiful pics.