Jun 7, 2011

Bon Voyage

When I looked at changing jobs last year one of the major selling points for my current position is that we would be planning a Mediterranean cruise for following year's incentive trip. How could I pass that up? Well, to be honest, the past year has been good but not all awesomeness and putting this event together has been A TON of work. But, tomorrow is the big pay-off folks! I will be spending the following week in...

I am SO excited. I just hope my prego body can handle the long flights.
The only sad part to this story is that this guy won't be there with me...

Luckily he has lots of friends to keep him company and he won't have his wife here to hound him about how much golf he plays. So really it's a win/win. 
MANY pictures to follow!


Natalie said...

So Jealous! I should meet you there- how fun would that be?! Have a wonderful time, I can't wait to hear all about it. I was just going to text you for a prego picture, I guess the one you posted with have to do. I'll be expecting one in your bikini from the trip though:) Happy 2 years- does time ever fly!

Posh Petals said...

Hello world traveler, I'm so jellous that sounds amazing! I hope you have a great trip and feel fabulous enjoy some serious travel before babino arrives! Love you lots happy 2 years to a great couple!

eliza jane said...

i am jealous of you! your lame. but baby girl is coming- so i forgive you!