Jun 23, 2011

Home and Mostly Recovered

I am home and after a few days of laziness I'm almost feeling back to normal. My trip was incredible and exhausting. I think my favorite country was Italy, although each place was amazing! Italy is just so picturesque and there are so many beautiful and well-dressed Italians - everywhere you look there is something lovely to take in.
We went a couple of days early and got on the ship in Sorrento, Italy so that we could get everything ready for our group of about 575 people that would be boarding a couple of days later in Rome. We took beautiful, very narrow and winding roads to get to the ship. I don't know how there aren't car/scooter crashes all day long. The scooters just dart through traffic, it's crazy!
Next it was off to Rome and I was lucky enough to go on a tour of the Vatican. All I can say is mind-blowing! Especially St. Peters Basilica. Seeing these places in person is so amazing. It took me right back to Mrs. Woods AP Art History class!
Unfortunately I didn't have time to get off the ship at the next stop which was La Spezia, Italy, but I did get some beautiful shots from the boat.
Next it was Portofino, Italy. This was my favorite. It was so quaint and beautiful. I'd like to frequent this town when I have millions of dollars and travel around the world on my yacht.
That was the final stop in Italy, next we were off to Monte Carlo, Monaco. One day we went on fabulous tour to a perfume factory and to some little shops that were actually in a French town bordering Monte Carlo. Italy was my favorite, but France is pretty lovely as well.
I LOVED this carousel. It was right outside the restaurant where we had lunch. I just might have to frame this pic for Baby Girl's nursury.
I didn't get to see much of Monte Carlo, but this is a shot from the ship.
After a couple of days in Monte Carlo, our last stop was St. Tropez, France. This town was equally beautiful but a lot more crowded. It had lots of great shopping though! My boss found a Baby Dior binki so baby girl now how her most expensive accessory!
The cruise ended in Barcelona. Although our attendees were very nice for the most part, I was not sad to say goodbye to them. We took the day to unwind and tour the city before flying home the next morning. Barcelona was also incredible and had some amazing architecture.
We drove up to the top of a hill to look over the city. I was amazed by how crowded it looked.
Despite the fact that we were working alot, it was an incredible trip. I can't wait to go back one day with Erik. 12 days was a long time to be away and it is nice to be home. 


Michael said...

Sara, great photos. Sounds like you had an awesome trip. I am jealous.

Posh Petals said...

Sara, It looks like you had an amazing time (busy working vacation) but beautiful! It was so great to go on a date with you last night!

eliza jane said...

I am so jealous! Ooh it all looks so pretty! Your pictures are gorgeous! I miss you! Oh and I want to see your little belly pictures!!!!!!

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Alex said...

Wow. These pictures are amazing Sara. It looks so beautiful!