Jul 7, 2011


Baby Girl's nursery is underway. We are having so much fun getting ready for her! Erik put the crib together last night which made it even more real. Here is one of our first completed projects and I'm so excited about it! This dresser was in the the room that my sister and I shared when we were little. We tried our hand at spray paint and it turned out great. Now I have that pop of turquoise in the room that I hoped for. It is actually going to be our changing table, but we don't have all the accessories yet.
It's a good thing this project went well, it gave me the encouragment I need to tackle a couple more. I'm just feeling so domestic these days - the next few projects involve sewing (yikes). Thank goodness for Vera. Wish me luck!


Posh Petals said...

Sara I love it! I'm sure it will all look amazing for such a stylish baby!

Caitlyn said...

Nice work, I knew you could do it. You're smart to start the projects earlier rather than later.

Linds said...

Your Italy pics are AMAZING and I can't wait to see the finished nursery, it looks adorable!