Jul 14, 2011

Project #2

Yay! Another project successfully completed for Baby Girl's nursery. I found this beauty at the D.I. and thought, I'm going to give the whole DIY stuff a try and see if I'm cut out for it. This rocker was brown with orange cushions when I bought it. A little paint and new fabric and voila!!! Thank goodness for Vera to help with the sewing, but we had so much fun and the project didn't even involve any swear words on my part. That's a true success in my book. I'm getting so excited to meet this little girl!


Michael said...

Good job, Sara. Looks great. I am building a bed for Daniel. Guess we are both getting a little of the building bug. Check my blog for updates/photos in the future. Like the fabric you chose. Good job on the no swearing too.

Meg and Sammy said...

Very cute, Sara! I need to come see your nursery in person!

eliza jane said...

baby girl's room is going to be the cutest one in your house! haha good! as it should be!