Jul 7, 2011

We Love Ice Cream

What's a pregnant girl to do when she's in need of some ice cream?
Call her pregnant friend of course!  And she was in luck because her pregnant friend just so happened to be craving some ice cream as well. Thank goodness for Iceberg to take care of just  these types of situations.  And that is a "mini" shake in my had, although it is enormous. 

I'm just jealous that Caitlyn gets to meet her baby girl on Monday!! and I have to wait until October.  Good luck Cait!


Posh Petals said...

Love you both! Good luck cat! Xoxo

Caitlyn said...

Ice cream, yum. Thanks again prego friend.

Alex said...

So many things to say! First off, you and Cait in your prego picture? Priceless. The 2 cutest prego ladies ever. This picture makes me so happy!

2nd. I love your nursery start and CAN'T wait to see what you do with your sewing. Well and you Vera that is!

3rd. I've been meaning to comment for while on how stinking cute your prego picture is below. And as a friend out of Utah, it is much appreciated.

4th. holy smokes, caitlyn is having her baby on monday. crazy!

Can't wait to meet both the little buns in the oven! That's all for now! :)