Dec 15, 2009

Christmas Slumber Party

My friends and I had so much fun on our girls getaway to Midway, that we decided to do round two for our Christmas Party. This time husbands were invited. I think the men were a little hesitant about a "slumber party" with everyone but the night was full of good times and lots of laughs. It was a great evening!

The night was made complete by the fact that Alex came into town a few days early and was able to make it. It was so fun to see her and catch up.

I think everyone was skeptical of the game I planned, but there were a lot of classic moments and great laughs. Games really bring out the best in people.

Thanks for coming everyone. I had such a fun time and I love chatting and hearing all about your cute families. Luckily Jenny brought her Wii, so the men were occupied while we got in some good girl talk. Such a fun night!


Amber said...

Thanks Sara! That was such a fun night. I can't remember when all 7 of us were together? Must have been years, no joke!

Justin and Shannon Sotelo said...

Thanks again Sara! I loved being with everyone and had so much fun playing that game!!!

Natalie said...

very attractive group pic of me- but i guess you owed me right?:) i'm just glad you didn't get one of me doing charades! thanks again, you truly are the "Bomb-digity."

Caitlyn said...

Yes, this is all true. It was a great night. I think we may have a new tradition.