Dec 30, 2009

Monson Holiday Party

My sister threw a super fun holiday party at her house this year. It was so great that it's become the newest Monson family tradition. Holiday sweaters always help add to the holiday cheer too. My posts are a little out of order, but I just got these pictures from Emily. It was a wonderful evening.

Erik took home the title of Best Christmas Sweater. I think his awesome hair and Deer Valley turtleneck really helped him achieve the victory. I've never been so proud :)

 In this game you had to only use one hand each to wrap a present as quickly as possible. We were not the fastest, but I think ours turned out the nicest. It really brought out everyone's true colors.

 My sister's house looked so cute! I wanted to steal all of her decorations.

The only bummer was that Eliza got stuck at work and missed most of the party. Other than that it was such a great night. Thanks again Em!!

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Emily said...

It was a fun night! Too bad I look like I have 5 chins in that picture;). Anyway, thanks for all your help and we can't wait to celebrate next year Ingy style:)!