Dec 29, 2009


Our first Christmas together was great! We had so much fun with family, friends and a some new traditions of our own. I love this time of year. 

Erik looking hard core with his new pink skate board.

Love my new watch from Erik!

Erik sporting his new ski boots. I still feel bad he didn't marry a skier. One day...

Chad looking very posh on Christmas morning.

Grandad opening his gift from us.

Grandad 5 minutes after opening his gift from us. Adorable!

Barb with her Christmas necklace that actually lights up.

Showing off their new books from grandma.

Cute nieces.

Emily insisted that Erik show off his new backpack like you do on the first day of school - by looking over your shoulder. This is what she got. What a pose!

Last, but certainly not least, Michael showing off his fit bod and rockin his new spandex biking outfit.

Merry Christmas to All!


Jen and Mark said...

Merry Christmas! Looks like a great one. I still can't believe how much Michael's little girl looks like you! Sweet skateboard by the way! We should all hit the slopes again like old times. What are you talking about you were a champ!

Amber said...

Ahh. Looks like a wonderful first Christmas! Sara, I will never become a skier. Never. We can sit in the lodge and sip cocoa!

Michael said...

Sara, Hannah does look like you. Lucky her. What a fun Christmas we had this year. Can't wait for your birthday tomorrow. Love, Michael